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Welcome to toddlerhood - a time of many changes and many milestones!


Toddlers are finding their voice and becoming more assertive;  all of a sudden they’re afraid of the dark and monsters are real; night mares are happening, temper tantrums can be jaw dropping and you’re only a few months away from toilet training. So much is happening it can be quite overwhelming for everyone, but as you know it benefits to be prepared

Easing into Toddlerhood consultation covers many topics, such as:

  • night mares and night terrors

  • different tantrums 

  • cot to bed

  • sleep training a toddler who won't stay in their bedroom 

  • sudden fear of the dark, monsters and feelings of isolation

  • ways to take the dummy away

  • screen time

  • age appropriate routine

  • nurturing a sustainable bedtime routine

Consultation info:

  • 90 minute online consultation via Zoom

  • my professional assessment of your child's routine, sleeping habits and patterns

  • your course material

  • your Sleep Recipe

  • an example of an age-appropriate routine which we've discussed and tweaked to suit your families needs

  • discussions around different sleep training approaches

  • after-consultation support via email for a month, including 2 x 15-minute touching base zoom calls

  • Fee: R1 350.00. Payment plan option available

Toilet Training

This is a very big milestone for toddler and parent alike and the aim is to make the toilet training journey as stress free as possible for everyone.

How will you benefit from this consultation?

  •  you'll learn the signs your child will display indicating they're ready 

  •  you'll receive tips on how you can encourage the process

  •  you'll be shown how you can enable the process

  •  I'll highlight things you should avoid doing

Consultation info:

  • 30 minute online consultation via Zoom

  • your course material

  • Fee: R550.00

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