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Well rested families! 

Many parents, after a consultation and when asked how they are feeling will say:

"I'm nervous because I know my child is going to cry and will be cross with me BUT I am also excited because now I have a plan. I have direction instead of just winging it every day and every night.  I also feel a lot more confident now that I know what needs to be done."

Sleep training, no matter which method you apply can be challenging, however sleep training can take 7 days whereas sleepless nights can go on for months, in some cases years.

Over the 18 years that Baby Love has been assisting parents we have received many success stories.  You can read all of them here, and below are links to some of them on the Happy Parenting website.

Parents of multiples have double, triple and sometimes quadruple the challenge ahead of them, so to these parents who successfully implemented Baby Love's sleep training WELL DONE!

Many Nannies are the primary caregiver because parents are working and Nannies form a critical part of the family unit. It's vital that everyone who is involved in the child's life work as a team, so to these Nannies we say THANK YOU!  

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