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Sleep Training - holistic approach

Before parents implement sleep training, they need to feel confident that they have met their child's needs.


Baby Love takes a holistic approach towards your child's well-being and firmly believes sleep training can't be implemented in isolation, instead it should be implemented in conjunction with an age-appropriate routine.  

Remember this:

  • Just because you are implementing sleep training or considering sleep training does not mean you are a bad parent or love your child any less

  • Sleep training can fall into place under 2 weeks whereas sleepless nights can go on for years

Baby Love puzzle high resolution.png

Sleep training can't be done in isolation.  In order for parents to be 100% confident they have met their child's needs before implementing sleep training, they need to address every aspect of their child's wellbeing, as shown in the Baby Love Puzzle. 

Sleep training is the last piece of the puzzle. 

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