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Positive & Impactful Discipline 

I have been helping parents with various parenting challenges since 2004 and discipline has always been a hot topic.  What is age appropriate discipline?  How do I discipline without yelling? How can I remain calm AND firm AND still have my child listen to me? 

I have developed a One Month Positive & Impactful Discipline Program to assist you with discipline. This program consists of:

  • your personal online consultation with me (you just need one consult)

  • notes

  • various discipline techniques

  • examples of different story boards which assist day routines, especially over the weekend and more so over the holidays.  Story boards are extremely beneficial when in lockdown

  • a 15 minute touching base zoom call 

  • one month's after-consultation support


Being a mom to two teenagers I know how tough disciplining can be, for parent and child, but I also know the bigger the child the bigger the challenge, so rather implement some fair and age appropriate boundaries now, while your child is still young, so that when your child grows older and becomes more assertive and when you introduce a new boundary, yes they may still give you a tough time but they will be more readily accepting of the boundary because this is how they have always been parented.

So what are you waiting for?  If you'd like to try your hand at positive and impactful discipline then don't hesitate to email Jacqui

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