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Parenting & Discipline Program 

Parenting… It can be a basket of mixed emotions; love, joy, laughter and hugely rewarding, but then it can be frustrating, confusing and nerve wracking.  We all want to be the best parent to our children; but how do we do that?

Is this You?


  • My partner and I often disagree on how to discipline and this causes arguments

  • I feel my partner is too strict and he/she claims I’m too soft

  • My partner often undermines me in front of our kids leaving me feeling frustrated and  disempowered

  • All I seem to do is shout at my kids and say no

  • I often feel guilty because I feel I should have handled the situation/myself better

  • I’m like a stuck record, repeating myself over and over again and still I’m ignored

  • I feel like I’m continuously nagging and arguing and begging

  • What is considered too much discipline and what is not enough?

  • How come other parents seem to have this parenting thing down pat?  What am I doing wrong?

You are not alone!  Join me for an informative and engaging discussion as I walk you through my 


*** Parenting and Discipline Program ***


A light hearted yet in depth and supportive 4 week program in which the following will be unpacked and thoroughly discussed.

Building YOUR Parenting Foundation

  • Creating YOUR Parenting Map

    • Have a starting point and branch out by brainstorming and creating your personal Parenting Map

  • Understanding YOUR Parenting Style

    • In order to have a functional, happy and thriving family unit it’s important that you understand YOUR Parenting Style and the impact it has on your child and ultimately your whole family

  • Establishing YOUR Parenting Plan

    • To successfully implement fair and age appropriate boundaries and discipline, parents need a Parenting Plan which results in clarity and direction, thereby making presenting a united front easier for parents.


An outcome of your Parenting Plan is that you have a clearer understanding of your boundaries so implementing them is easier.


  • What is considered over the top or not enough?

  • Discipline needs to be fair, age-appropriate and consistent


Already interested?  For further info or to book please email Jacqui 


 How will you benefit from this Parenting Program? 

Parenting Map

You’ll have direction.  It all starts with you and ultimately ends with your child who will eventually become an adult.​

Parenting Style

​You'll have a clear understanding of your parenting style and how it benefits your child and ultimately your family​

Parenting Plan

You’ll feel better equipped and more confident in your ability to parent with regards to instilling boundaries and discipline.​

Boundaries & Discipline

Your Parenting Plan creates your foundation for the boundaries you want to implement.  Once formalised you'll feel confident as now you know you have the support of your partner and empowered as you'll have various discipline approaches at your fingertips. 


What does this Parenting Program consist of?


It's a 4 week program comprising of the following:

Building YOUR Parenting Foundation

Week one : First session - Parenting Map & Parenting Styles

Parenting Map

  • You'll receive your blank Parenting Map template and together we'll do this on-line exercise

Parenting Styles

  • I'll explain the different parenting styles and their pro's and con's

  • We'll discuss them and chat about your parenting style and out of the parenting styles I’ve explained, what resonates with you.

  • We’ll chat about whether you feel the need to tweak your parenting approach 

Week two : Second session : First segment - Parenting Plan

  • What is a Parenting Plan?

  • We’ll discuss the importance of having a Parenting Plan and by having one, what it achieves (for parent and for child)

  • I’ll supply you with a blank Parenting Plan template and explain what you need to do

Week three : Second session : Second segment - Parenting Plan

  • The Parenting Plans will be shared 

  • We’ll discuss in detail and find compromises where necessary 

  • A more formal Parenting Plan will be drawn up

Week four : Third session - Boundaries & Discipline

  • Discipline needs to be fair and age appropriate so we'll look at various discipline approaches

  • We'll explore ways to discipline without yelling


What do you receive with this Parenting Program?

  • Your notes

  • Your templates

  • There'll be weekly on-line sessions

  • Support for a month

  • A touching base zoom call once the program is completed

I'd love to walk this parenting journey with you!  For further info or to book please email Jacqui

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