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Happy Parents - multiples

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Jude & Sadie

(15 months)

Thank you Baby Love (and Jacqui) for changing our lives.

The twins have been sleeping so well since we introduced the training which means Greg and I have been sleeping so well too!

thank you.  Angie


Dreden, Jaydi

Luken & Kenzie

(12 months)

Our babies are sleeping through! All 4 of them.

They adjusted quickly to the new routine and it has given us freedom during the day that we never knew we could have.

the first night was the toughest but from then on it only became better.

Absolute life saver and life changer!

Hendre & Andre and the Quad Squad

Mariaan_and_Sophia_Scheepers (5mths).jpg

Mariaan & Sophia

(5 months)

After our consultation with Jacqui we adjusted the twin's day routine and immediately they slept better at night.

Initially we implemented the tender touch sleep training approach but it didn't work so we moved over to the firmer approach which I wasn't enthusiastic about.  But I can say it was well worth the few short periods of crying because the result is they now fall asleep on their own, they sleep through the night and they sleep like stars during the day.

Thank you so much!  Nicolene

Leshaun_Chardon Habana (12mths).jpg

Leshaun & Chardon

(12 months)

The Baby Love program emphasizes the need for an age appropriate routine and all I can say to parents of twins out there is – Routine! Routine! Routine….

The program works - but it takes a lot of commitment from the parents in the beginning to get to this point.
Most importantly is that the husband and wife must work as a team.
Thanks! Randall and Heidi


Paige & Taylor

(2 years)

By the third night our girls were staying in their bedroom, no crying, moaning or groaning.  On the first night when I went in to check on them, Paige had climbed into bed with Taylor and they were both fast asleep (see pic).

All was going SO well and then they both got quite sick, but they're both on the mend and we are back to 'sleep training'. They should get back into it rather quickly.
Thanks so much, Jacky

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