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First day at creche!

  • Feeling emotional and anxious?

  • Feeling nervous and overwhelmed?

Sending your child to creche for the first time is the very first step a parent takes in the 'letting go' process but don't panic!  It's the circle of life and it's how you deal with this huge milestone that really matters.

The aim is to make this big day exciting and fun for your child and if you shed silent tears it's absolutely okay, normal and to be expected, but how can you make this big event, one of so many big events coming your child's way (and yours), less tearful and less overwhelming for all?


  • Via skype or zoom

  • I'll need 30 minutes of your time

  • In your consultation you will be provided with many insightful tips and suggestions to help you and in turn your child, embrace this new adventure with excitement and hopefully less tears.

For further info please email Jacqui

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