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Sleep, Routine & Support Program 

Your ONE MONTH Sleep, Routine & Support Program consists of:

  • A 1 hour personal zoom or skype consultation with your Consultant

  • Your notes

  • Your guide to a healthy bedtime routine

  • An example of an age appropriate day routine

  • A 15 minute touching base zoom or skype call

  • After-consultation support for a month. You are not walking this journey alone!

  • Please try and organise a babysitter as we have a lot to cover and need your full attention

  • We encourage that both parents attend if possible

Gift Vouchers

  • If you know of parents who need assistance then why not gift them their very own One Month Sleep, Routine and Support Program?! 

For further information, to book your Sleep, Routine & Support Program or to purchase a gift voucher please complete and submit the form below

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