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Jacqui Flint 

Parenting Expert & Sleep Consultant 

  • +27 (81) 713-4682

I have been helping parents for over 19 years and since 2003 my business has helped over 8 500 families both in Africa and internationally;  parents of singletons, twins, triplets and quadruplets too. I have been on TV several times and have been interviewed many times (


I experienced months of sleep deprivation as our 8 month old woke 7 times a night, so I understand the impact ongoing sleepless nights has on a family.  I was anxious about sleep training and also very skeptical, believing that only other babies slept through the night, so I understand why parents hesitate before confirming a consultation or don't book one at all.

I know how tough sleep training can be, (it took us 7 days so in the bigger scheme of things that's not long), but when you are in the midst of sleep training it can feel like it's never going to end, but it does and it can be done under 2 weeks, whereas the sleepless nights can go on for years!

On a personal note, I believe the importance of well rested nights and the overall well being of a family, far outweighs some crying because of sleep training.

I am the preferred Baby and Child Expert for Curro Castle Bryanston.  I have consulted with many of their parents on various parenting challenges of children of all ages.  I've been involved with Teacher Training those teachers who look after the baby and toddler groups on age appropriate routines and feeding schedules and I've hosted Parent Talks at the school addressing various parenting topics.  I also have my own Parents Corner in their monthly newsletter. 

I am an approved service provider of Connectable Life (, an Online Mental Health and Wellness platform that has a range of Mind, Body and Wellness Specialists and I have hosted Parent Talks in conjunction with Connectable Life.

I am an approved service provider of Maureen Kark & Associates (, an exclusive Corporate Wellness company that has proudly maintained the wellness of niche organisations like Investec, Growthpoint Properties, Ninety-One and Silica.

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