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Baby Love, founded in 2003, has helped over 8000 families.

Baby Love is not only a very well established brand, but one of the oldest sleep training brands in South Africa. 

Is this you?

  • My baby cat naps through out the day

  • Often my baby doesn't finish her milk feeds

  • I'm the only one who can put our baby down, if my partner tries our baby just screams   

  • The minute I transfer my baby to the cot and he touches the mattress he wakes up and cries 

  • I start stressing leading up to bedtime 

  • It takes me ages, sometimes up to an hour, to get my baby to sleep

  • Now we whisper and tip toe around the house

  • I'm just so tired of being tired

Parenting doesn't have to be this exhausting.  With Baby Love's One month Sleep, Routine and Support Program, you will be shown how to lovingly guide your baby towards healthy sleeping patterns and habits, and an age appropriate routine.​

How will YOU benefit from this program?

  • You will have more time in your day for yourself as you won't have to spend time getting baby to sleep

  • You will be able to plan your day as your baby will be on an age-appropriate routine

  • You will have your evenings back so you can spend quality time with your partner or simply have me time

  • Because you will wake up well-rested, you'll be able to function as a mom, dad, wife, husband, friend and colleague

  • You'll feel more confident as a parent because you'll know your baby's needs are being met

How will your BABY benefit from this program?

  • Baby will be content because his needs have been met

  • Baby will be happy because he's having the right number of day naps and the right kind of sleep

  • Baby's awake time will be good quality awake time because he is well rested

  • Because baby is on an age appropriate feeding schedule, he won't need to feed during the night (age dependent)

  • Baby will meet his milestones and be well-rested because he's sleeping 10-12 hours continuously at night (age dependent)

What does Baby Love's One month sleep, routine and support program consist of?

  • 90 minute online consultation via Zoom

  • my professional assessment of your child's routine, sleeping habits and patterns

  • your course material

  • your Sleep Recipe

  • an example of an age-appropriate routine which we've discussed and tweaked to suit your families needs

  • discussions around different sleep training approaches

  • after-consultation support via email for a month, including 2 x 15-minute touching base zoom calls

  • Fee: R1 350.00. Payment plan option available

A well rested baby = well rested parents and Baby Love is Designed For Happy Families

Email me for further info

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