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Happy Parents - 7 months to 12 months

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Mendel Centner 12 mths a.jpg.png


(12 months)

Dear Jacqui, it's day 21 of our Baby Love journey and our family couldn't be happier!

We're following your routine and he's now eating so well and goes down without a fuss at nap times. He's happier during his wake windows and the doodoo we introduced on your suggestion has really helped AND he is now sleeping 6-6.

Thank you so much for empowering us with the tools, I'm so glad we found you!! 

Thank you thank you thank you


Lente de Wet 6 months.JPG


(7 months)

Happy Parenting and Jacqui changed our lives!

Our little girl has gone from being a fussy baby to a happy, easy and bubbly little star!

We would recommend Happy Parenting to any parent who is sleep deprived, confused, desperate and at their wit's end.

Thank you Jacqui and Happy Parenting for improving our quality of life!




(7 months)

Cameron was waking 8 times a night and we were walking zombies. He was also an irritable and fussy baby because he was continuously tired.

Because I was constantly exhausted I became impatient, grumpy and miserable and believed my life was over.  But once we successfully implemented Baby Love and we were all sleeping again, I decided I wanted to help other desperate, exhausted families; I wanted them to know that parenting isn't all about screaming infants and sleepless nights and so in 2004 I joined Baby Love and in 2007 I bought the brand.

For me it's important that parents know there is help out there and that they don't have to walk the parenting journey alone.

Lithalanda Ntobongwana 9 mths 1.jpg


(9 months)

Being a mom is a real joy, but when your baby doesn't sleep during the day and at night it becomes a nightmare.

My baby slept 15-30min during the day and woke 5-6 times at night to breastfeed.

My baby's paed referred me to Jacqui and after one consult and 2 weeks later, everything fell into place. 

Thanks Jacqui for coaching me

Reiya Reddy 12 months1.jpg


(12 months)

A big thank you to Baby Love from the Reddy family for helping us get normality back to our home!

The Baby Love program changed our lives for the better and I was so impressed with it that I decided to join the Baby Love Team!!

I look forward to helping other sleep deprived families .  Prunella

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