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Happy Parents -  2 years and older

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(2.5 years)

We always had a good routine and baby sleeping through, then suddenly at 2.5 years our daughter was waking 4 times a night, leaving us all exhausted.

This carried on for 2 weeks and we thought this 'phase' would pass but it wasn't going anywhere!

After 4 weeks of no sleep and no routine I had reached my limit. For the first time since I had my daughter I felt completely lost.

I reached out to Toddler Love and went home with emotional ammo and knew that things would now change.

By night 3 our daughter was sleeping through again and since then we are totally back on track.

Toddler Love saved us all and now we are a happy family of 3 again. 

Leane & Werner



(3 years)

WOW! Things are actually really amazing!

The advice Jacqui gave us heled create an environment for our daughter to become an independent sleeper and putting her to sleep has gone from 45 minutes to an hour to now only 10 minutes.

It takes her about 20 minutes to fall asleep and in that time she may call out for reassurance; so she'll say 'goodnight mommy, goodnight daddy' and we'll always reply.

All in all we are in a wonderful place and so glad we've made the changes we have.

Thank you


Liahm Ilangantileke (3 yrs).jpg


(3 years)

The Toddler Love methods that Jacqui shared with us have worked wonders!

It was a tough week that first week after we had the consultation but it's been great ever since.

Liahm now eats dinner at 5.30pm and is in bed no later than 7.30pm. The advise was great and it's truely worked wonders in our household.

Thank you again!

Ranj & Tanya

(Florida, USA)



(4 years)

Mikyla finally slept though at 4 years. 

Our biggest challenge were the bottles but with the advice from Toddler Love we bought Mikyla a Barbie as that was going to replace the bottles.

Initially it was tough, the second night being the hardest, but with the ongoing support from our Consultant we persevered and found that with each night it got easier until finally, Mikyla slept through!

Thank you Marlene from Toddler Love.  Cilna

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