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Happy Parents - 13 months to 2 years

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Emerson Thackeray 20 months.jpg


(20 months)

As most parents who stand at Fatima's door, I was exhausted and ready to give up on being a Mom.

I had heard some negative things about sleep training and was quite skeptic, but Fatma explained everything to me in great detail and offered us the best solution for our daughter.

I will always be grateful to Fatima for giving me the confidence to help Emerson sleep better.


Alexander van Pletzen 13 months1.jpg


(13 months)

At first I was dead against sleep training, but after 13 months of waking up 2-5 times a night, I knew something had to change.

We consulted with Baby Love and all our concerns were thoroughly addressed.

On night 3 Alexander slept for 9 hours straight, something he had never done before, and by the 6th night he was sleeping 11 hours!

Baby Love changed our lives and I am so happy we stuck to the program because it really does work. Zetske

Christelle Hattingh 15 months1.jpg


(15 months)

We stuck to the Baby Love program for 21 days and have not looked back. I can almost not even remember what it felt like to be over tired, frustrated and depressed.

Today I feel like anew person thanks to Baby Love and Cristelle

Kosi Asinugo 18 months.jpg


(18 months)

We had amazing results having implemented the Baby Love program.  I can't tell you how pleased (and surprised) I am at the results and that sleep training really works!

I feel like sanity has been restored and the sleep training process wasn't as bad as I had feared.


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