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Dear Community of Parents and Parents-to-be

Parenting can be quite challenging at times and I've also learnt the bigger the child the bigger the challenge.  Add to this, there's so much information out there and it all contradicts each other, no wonder so many parents feel confused, anxious, helpless and overwhelmed.

I believe to help parents parent confidently (no matter the age of your child), parents should draw up their own unique Parenting Plan that outlines their families negotiables and non-negotiables.  Once their Parenting Plan is in place, parents will have clarity which makes presenting a united parenting front so much easier.  Presenting a united parenting front nurtures a sense of security within a child because they know what to expect and they know where they stand.

Parenting isn't all about sleepless nights, crying babies, screaming toddlers and pouting teenagers - there is so much more, and Happy Parenting is passionate about making the parenting experience as joyous, fulfilling and happy as possible. 

Jacqui Flint 
Founder and owner of Happy Parenting
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